Boss GM-800 synth /Zenology Pro Tutorial Video

Started by Elantric, October 23, 2023, 09:33:24 AM

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Quote from: tjontheroad on August 27, 2023, 04:27:25 PMMega VG rig is complete [insert devilish laugh here]

TJ wrote  >

QuoteThis week, I'm starting to put together a deep tutorial video on using Zenology Pro to create your own new sounds for the GM-800. It'll include a full sound design how-to from the basic stuff to  advanced synthesis techniques. If you've never programmed a synth in  your life or you want some new tips, this video will be for you. I'm  posting this info now to field any questions or topics you may want me  to discuss. If so, let me know asap.
Cheers, TJ