Started by Rockeiro, October 22, 2023, 11:14:27 PM

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Anyone else find the documentation for the FA-FC-EX lacking?

I've got 2 FS-5 switches with the two mono jacks to one TRS jack and have inserted into the Exp Pedal 1 jack. I also have an FS-7 on the way as well.

I got one DS-5 switch to switch an existing mapping for "Tap" but I can't figure out where the second switch would be mapped to.

I actually wish I could have 4 switches mapped into Ex Pedal 1 and 2 jacks. Effects loop IN/Out, Tap, Solo On/Off, Wah On/Volume Off for the EV-5 in the FA-FC/ExpPedal 3 jack.

I find that having to switch back to patch mode to activate the solo function a little awkward.


I have received word from Roland that the Exp Pedal 1 and & 2 jacks are not available to use as TRS switches but only as TS switches or TRS expression pedals.

From what I understand about the Katana hardware and GA-FC-EX footswitches, this seems more like a choice than a hardware limitation and so I requested it as an additional feature.

Perhaps if I'm correct, we *may* see it in a future firmware and Katana Studio release? That is if enough people help request it.

At this point I imagine there's very few people who have the GA-FC-EX but it would be helpful if everyone who does chips in on this.