Switch Lagging

Started by krypt777, October 20, 2023, 02:20:07 PM

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Hey guys.
new owner of an MG30. Great pedal. Running it through a Headrush FRFR112.
Nailed my tones blah blah blah but im finding the patch changing is doing my head in.
The switches dont change until you let go ...
Is there ANY way to change these switches somehow to change the patch when you push down?


This could be a pedal killer for me as I just cant get used to it. Ive noticed that if I hold the switch down for too long it goes into a patch menu which kinda doesnt work in a live situation. 


Change not possible

Learn a swift tap foot operation


thanks for the info. :)
unfortunately thats not going to happen with my feet..lol..


what about using Scenes? could i somehow use the scene function to change between clean tone and distorted?


Try scenes and report back