wierd false triggering problem

Started by compusic, October 20, 2023, 11:29:11 AM

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Hi, I just found a wierd problem with my GR-55. The problem is more audible on percussive-like sound patch, such as Mandolin, Shamisen etc.

I first found this problem (only one PCM synth is active) when I play,let's say, the G note at the 5th fret on the 4th string, then play the A note on the same string just 2 frets above. When I play the A note, I can hear there're two A notes being triggered. BTW I have turned off the patch's nuence switch and turned on the Chromatic mode.

I tried my best to figure out why. Then I found out that the first one of the two A notes is triggered by my left finger fretting on the string, the second one is triggered by right hand actually plucking the string. No matter in which way I pluck the string, using right hand finger or using a pick, the same problem occurs. Sometimes, I'm not quite sure, only if the fretting action and plucking string action are deadly in sync, then there's no double triggering problem. Most of the times my usual playing will cause the problem.

But what surprise me most is that, though I can definitly hear two A notes, according to MIDI-OX's input monitoring window, there's only one A note being triggered. BTW, I have turned off the chromtatic and DATA Thin parameters in GR-55's system-> GTR-MIDI setting page.

Please check the attached pics. The first one is what MIDI-OX got from GR-55's USB-MIDI port. Only one A note was triggerd.  The second pic is a snapshot of the waveform of the recording. We can definitly see there're 3 notes being triggered, and the last two are double triggered A notes.

Since the time between left finger fretting action and right hand plucking action should be short enough (or there will be no such problem), and there's also a time delay when MIDI-OX displays those messages, I can't tell which action actully triggered the displayed A note in MIDI-OX.

Has anyone experienced such problem? any clues?

Thanks in advance.