Pickup phase switching

Started by Voltron, October 17, 2023, 07:10:25 PM

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I remember making some Queen patches for the VG-8 with various pickup phase combinations using the "VARI Guitar" model.  I was a little disappointed that the SY-1000 did not have that mode.

Because the SY-1000 has 3 instruments, you can do some combinations that are not in the presets, for example neck and bridge on strat, by using one instrument for neck and the other for bridge.  But what if you want one out of phase?  Well, you can blend in normal guitar for one of the pickups and use one instrument for the other; the normal input has a phase selector.

Another alternative is to use the send-return in "direct mix" mode with the phase set to invert.  This actually does invert the input even if nothing is plugged in to the send and return jacks.

So I have each instrument with a different pickup selected and I can turn them on or off as needed and move the send-return block in front of the "instrument" I want out of phase.

It seems with the SY, there is always a way!
VG-8ex, SY-1000


That's really clever. Thinking outside the box, literally.