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Started by drewnitro, October 16, 2023, 08:05:59 AM

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Hi and thanks so much for this site.  I am an old head who has enjoyed playing guitar in and out of bands on and off stage for many years.  I have never taken time to really learn/dive into MIDI stuff and the amazing benefits it has, and look forward to learning/using/sharing/growing from all of you here who take time to share and post your experiences.  starting with stomp boxes like digetech RP10 and moving through the years with and without multiple rigs (marshall tsl100 with 1960a) blah blah blah I have landed on my latest live set up the HeadRush Pedalboard with the 12" 2000 watt speaker (X2) for acoustic with Parker Piezos.  I decided to get into the GR20/G3 set up to add some sax/wind/whatevers and loved it so much my other guitarist went and got the GR55.  Holy $hit i had to get one also as soon as i tried it.  Sorry for the long introduction but I am really thinking of just using the GR55 with MIDI wireless to control all the pathes with minipad2 that i am learning about as we speak.  I THANK YOU ALL FOR THE INFORMATION ON THESE PAGES THAT HELPS ME LEARN ALL THE LIMITLESS TECH TO ACCOMPLISH LIMITLESS SOUNDS!  disclaimer-if you read this whole f-ing post you need to slap me or poke me or whatever this site has to punish me :)
/\m/\        /\m/\
Current Gear:
Parker Fly MOJO Red/Trans
Gibson SG (Black Beauty)
Epiphone (Dave Rudd) Flying V
HeadRush Pedalboard W/Headrush FRFR112 Speaker
GR55/FCB1010 Eurekaprom/GK3 on Parker Fly Mojo W/FRFR112 Speaker

Practice: (We talkin practice?) Anygig Electric Guitar

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