BOSS GT 1 - 12 strings, Sitar, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Metal- Gig Ready Pack

Started by Metal_Fakir, October 15, 2023, 10:39:47 AM

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Hi Boss GT 1 Users,

First Watch the full Video Demonstration

*********************** Metal Fakir's Patches*****************

1. 12 Strings AC (Neck pickup + Middle Pickup)

2. Until I found U (Bridge pickup)

3. Dream Chorus (Neck Pickup)

4. John Petrucci (Bridge Pickup)

5. Woody Acoustic (Neck and Middle Pickup or Middle Pickup only)

6. Joe Satriani (Neck Pickup)

7. Beat it (Neck Pickup)

8. Welcome To Slash (Bridge Pickup)

9. Sweet Slash (Neck Pickup)

10. Master Metallica (Rhythm on Bridge Pickup, Solo on Neck Pickup)

11. Harmonize Solo (neck or Bridge Pickup)

12. Kirk Hammett (Bridge Pickup)

13. Tom Morello Bend (Bridge Pickup)

14. John Mayer (Neck Pickup)

15. Spicy Strat (Neck Pickup)

16. Lamb of God (Bridge Pickup)

17. Ambient Guitar (Neck Pickup)

18. Linkin park (Bridge Pickup)

19. Eric Clapton (Bridge Pickup)

20. Pop Rock (Bridge Pickup)

21. Gary Moore (Neck Pickup)

22. Green Day (Bridge Pickup)

23. David Gilmour (Bridge Pickup)

24. BB King (Neck Pickup or Bridge Pickup)

25. Reggae Chop (Bridge Pickup)

26. Bob Marley (Bridge Pickup)

27. Spaghetti Guitar (Bridge Pickup)

28. Funky (Neck Pickup)

29. Pedal Wah (Bridge Pickup)

30. Rockabilly (Neck Pickup)

31. Lo-fi/Neo Soul (Bridge Pickup + Neck Pickup)

32. Soul Lead (Neck Pickup/Bridge Pickup)

33. Jazz Guitar (Neck Pickup)

34. Bluegrass Banjo (Neck Pickup)

35. Arabic Oud (Neck Pickup)

36. Sitar V2 (Neck Pickup)

37. Mandolin V2 (Neck Pickup)

Thank You
Junayed Hossain Rayhan