Podolsky - A Free VST with good response for a MIDI Guitar (Thanks Bluesbird)

Started by pasha811, October 15, 2023, 10:06:41 AM

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Podolsky is a Free VST simple to use and tweak with many good presets to start with.
You can find it here : Podolsky

I have recorded a little example. It's 2:40 minutes long. The first part has been recorded via Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2, while the second part via VG99 MIDI OUT into a USB MIDI.
Podolsky Solo Test

There's a lot of hype about GM-800 at the moment I was practicing playing Guitar for G2M. Usually I never use MIDI to solo, so I tried this and I have enjoyed Jam Origin's MG2 then I have found a good result also with VG99 MIDI Out.
What was very useful was following the guidelines in a Bluesbird post about Tripleplay and the usage of Ableton Live Expression Control (THANKS!) so that I mapped Note Velocity to Podolsky Resonance knob and it created a dramatic effect I was not expecting. Now I am becoming a fan of MPE Mappings :-) 
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