Do you love cheese? Then why not having Triplecheese Free VST?

Started by pasha811, October 15, 2023, 09:52:54 AM

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As you know I am a Zebra VST owner from uhe but we are always in search of new inspiring sounds.
For years I forgot about TripleCheese and recently I gave it a serious try.
It tracks good with VG99 MIDI OUT hooked to a MIDI USB Interface. It's a synth with a distinct sound based on comb filters - no Oscillators, No subtractive synth. 


You can listen about a  little example I have recorded:
Bass, Pad and rhythmic synth all come from TripleCheese TripleCheese Little Track  - Guitar from VG99.

Have a nice day!
Sorry for some lousy playing...
Listen to my music at :