Started by sundown, October 13, 2023, 04:01:28 PM

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Hello, new joiner here looking forward to getting into the world of guitar synths. I wouldn't say I'm new to this stuff but previously I've only dabbled in the 'Toys-R-Us' end of the tech. Picked up a very cheap Casio dg-10 in a junk shop years ago. Horrible thing,I can't believe how much some of these are selling for now. Also had something I can not remember the name of it was a midi pickup; I'm sure it was for Windows PC and connected via a serial port and as far as I recall the software stopped working many Windows versions ago. Not even sure I still have it, possibly it's in my parents attic. It's a very very long long time since I lived there but they don't throw anything away. Years later I had a YouRock guitar as a controller but I couldn't get on with it, though it wasn't too bad if you ignored the strings and played the fretboard. Since then I mainly reverted back to acoustic guitar. I did pick up a mod dwarf a couple of years ago and that rekindled my interest. I even hooked up the YouRock to it (for about 15 minutes).
These days I have a bit more budget to play with so I might splash out a bit and dive back in. Currently I'm thinking SY-1000 and a new guitar. I'm more interested in the capabilities of the sy1000 than making a guitar sound like a piano. Guitar wise Emerald, although a tad pricey, have caught my eye. I don't have the liberty to fill the family home with guitars so something like the Virtuo is appealing. Hopefully with all its capabilities it's not a case of jack of all trades, master of done. I'm not sure how unbiased the You Tube reviews are but folks seem genuinely impressed.
Since I already have the Mod Dwarf I was initially thinking I would hook up the Virtuo's normal guitar jack via stereo splitter to the two Dwarf inputs to get separate electric and piezo processing, and the GK to the SY1000 but also the SY1000 to the Dwarf's midi input. Then (doh) I realised that still leaves me having to combine the Dwarf output with the SY1000 output, so more money to spend. My amp sucks anyway and I reckon this setup would be better through a PA or keyboard amp though the family would prefer I stick to headphones.

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