Mooer PRIME P2

Started by Elantric, October 13, 2023, 01:02:27 PM

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Mooer PRIME P2


Put amp simulation, comprehensive effects, loop recording and drum machine players in your pocket, practice anytime and anywhere, and connect your smartphone to share your tone and performance videos at any time - the MOOER PRIME portable smart effect series is designed for this born!

PRIME P2 continues the P1's concept of simple, lightweight and highly integrated intelligent practice performance equipment, and has undergone all-round upgrades. In terms of hardware, a 1.28-inch point-touch touch screen is added. Through touch screen operations, you can quickly switch timbres, cut groups, control the total output volume, enter and exit the tuner, Bluetooth switch and other operations; in terms of interfaces, TRS is added The 6.35mm output port supports stereo output; a new 3.55mm Midi port is added to support access to Midi control devices for expanded operations; and will support Bluetooth 5.0 stereo audio input; while improving hardware functions, P2 still maintains a size that can be held in one hand. It weighs 152g and has a battery life of 5 hours.

In terms of algorithms and software, PRIME P2, as the first product of Moer's third-generation comprehensive hardware system, not only brings great improvements in timbre dynamics and feel compared to P1, but also supports dynamic loading and module duplication in the effect chain. By using it, users can get a richer sound experience. P2 initially provides 57 effect models (overdrive*19, dynamics*4, filter*3, modulation effect*14, delay effect*9, reverberation effect*6, equalization effect*2), and is based on the third-generation hardware platform The potential will bring more updates in the future; the speaker model P2 is equipped with MNRS cloud + technology. In addition to the 52 preamp simulations and 25 cabinet simulations created by the first MNRS reverse modeling technology, the speaker and Each cabinet module supports 10 freely loadable and 80 preset cacheable GNR/GIR or third-party cabinet data, and can share all timbre data directly through the APP cloud; in terms of practice functions, the built-in timbre is better, It has 56 more realistic drum kits and 4 metronome functions, supporting 10 save locations for a total of 80 minutes of loop recording. P2 also supports vocal microphone input and opens commonly used vocal effect modules.

In terms of software control, P2 supports APP tone parameter control and APP cloud tone data backup and sharing. It also supports computer-side MOOER Studio management software for firmware upgrades and third-party IR management.

Touch Screen - MOOER Prime P2 is based on MOOER's unique MNRS technology, allowing for high-quality digital amp models and effects in a small format. The large 1.3" touch screen allows quick preset changes and access to the tuner directly on the device.
Stereo - The guitar multi effects pedal supports Bluetooth audio playback in stereo for practice or jamming. Stereo headphone output. Tipp for stereo output: P2 supports stereo output using a 1-in-2 (TRS 2 x TS) adapter cable.
Effects Chain - 57 classic and experimental effect models. Easy configuration of an effects chain without complicated user interfaces. Tap and hold a module and drag it left or right to change its position in the effect chain.
Cabsim - 25 cab sim models + 10 GIR slots to store simulation files downloaded from the cloud or third-party IR files. This switch can be used to turn off all cabinet simulations with one click if you use third-party speaker cabinets or simulations.
Clouds - The electric guitar effects pedal supports Tone Cloud sound sharing. After registering, you can use this feature to explore presets that have been shared by other users.

*134 effect models (overload *19, dynamic *4, filter *3, speaker *52, box *25, modulation effect *14, delay effect)

*9, reverberation effect *6, balance effect *2)

* Effect chain dynamic loading, support effect module reuse

* Supports loading MNRS sampling and third-party IR files, and provides 10 speaker sampling loading positions and 10 box sampling plus

Load position

* Provides 80 preset timbre positions

* Support audio cloud sharing

* Total length of 8 minutes recording cycle, providing 10 recording storage locations

*56 style drum sets with 4 metronomes

* Supports OTG recording

* Support effects stereo output

* Support for external MIDI control controllers

* Support MOOER wireless pedal control

* Support MOOER Prime APP on mobile and MOOER Studio management software on PC

*3000mAh lithium battery, charge for 3 hours, up to 6 hours


Mooer Prime  P2 just arrived, incredible upgrade , stereo FX and allows mic with FX using TRRS  3.5mm input- Stereo FX, cab IR loading and loads Tone captures from GE300 and tuner that works without need for a phone app. Rearrange any FX Order - great for creating Surf tones with Spring reverb 1st ,  Very impressed, and makes the monophonic only P1 seem very out dated

Im using VMODA Wired TRRS HEADSET with mic, and the USB-C Output allows  24 bit USB AUDIO I/O from my Android tablets/phones -  its superior to NUX MIGHTY PLUG PRO,  much cleaner noise free audio  I/O path

12day delivery to USA  from here

 $163.69  28%OFF | MOOER Smart Effect Player Effect chain dynamic loading, support effect module reuse 9, reverberation effect