Corrupt Patches, FIXED.

Started by elmo7sharp9, October 08, 2023, 02:18:43 PM

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I had some corrupt patches in my VG88: odd characters in the displayed names, bizarre sounds (or silence) from the affected patches.

I set to BULK RECEIVE mode.
I tried V-Editor 051, I tried VG88 Librarian. Used different .SYX files to eliminate
bad archives.

I was getting "MIDI receive error" messages and so tried different MIDI interfaces.
Same results.

I borrowed a friend's VG88 and did a "Bulk Dump ALL" operation.
Fault cleared, and the display is back to full contrast...


Has the internal lithium memory battery button cell (CR2032) been replaced ?
Must be done every 10~15 years to prevent memory corruption.
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