Boss GM-800 trick for copying assigns

Started by sixeight, October 05, 2023, 07:53:19 AM

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Quote from: BROCKSTAR on October 02, 2023, 04:40:40 PMUgh I'm out of assign options now. I used up all 16 :(

Re-did my midi controller

I use scene 150 and call it "preset testing".
This is the scene i load my zencore stuff up in from zenology pro and test etc..
So all 16 of my assigns are attached to this scene, and some day will try to get them in all the other 149 slots by painfully doing it one by one (stupid boss not allowing us to copy/paste assigns).

Here's my assign settings for my graviton m1 midi controller:

oct +1 / oct +2 / oct -1 / oct -2 (Love to have more assigns to have separate octaves for each part but these octaves are global, meaning they turn on/off for all parts, but i may change this out and use ctl 3/4 fs-5u on floor instead and assign them under control function and this will free up 4 more assigns like a "swell" aka attack time for each part instead)

mod 1 / mod 2 / mod 3 / mod 4 (I assigned "depth" under each tone mod to min = 0 and max = +25 for a modulation effect for each part)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 (This turns on/off any part that I want or use any combination of parts together)

hold 1 / hold 2 / hold 3 / hold 4 (I assigned "release" under each tone mod to min = 0 and max = +63 for each part to give a faux hold option)

Here is a trick for copying assigns. The post is for the VG99, but it should work for all Boss/Roland gear. It does require a Mac though...

VG-99- The trick for making multiple assigns in several patches



Download JSONEdit, a special editor for JSON file, which *.tsl patch files actually are this type.

(Context where Gumtown mentioned this