GM-800 Hold Solo - with Chord Changes

Started by admin_shawnb, October 03, 2023, 10:16:55 PM

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This patch shows one possible technique for soloing over held pads.  The idea here was to try & be flexible, and allow you to change the pad chord occasionally, so it's not all just soloing over one chord.

CTL1 - Alternates between pad & solo voice; when solo voice is used, pad part strings are muted so the chord is unchanged by the solo.
CTL2 - Pad hold, Hold Type 1, which will allow chord changes

To use:
- Play a chord & press CTL2 to hold the chord
- Press CTL1 to solo
- To change pad chord, press CTL1 (unlit) & play a new chord
- Press CTL1 to solo

You want to palm mute before hitting CTL1 to solo.  CTL1 is lit when it's OK to solo, it's unlit when it's OK to play a new chord.

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