Warning Loctite Thread locker reaction to Plastic

Started by Elantric, October 01, 2023, 02:11:22 PM

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Loctite Thread locker negative reaction to Plastic parts

I have been experiencing after extended playing for 4 hours straight at several gigs , my Bridge PU on my PRS SE automatically lowers its height. Apparently I rest my little finger on top of the pickup mounting ring , and my finger will auto-rotate the spring loaded pickup height screw counter-clockwise, resulting in a bridge Pickup significantly lower than it should be after 3rd hour of live music gigs.

So I thought Id apply Loctite Thread locker to the bridge PU height adjust screws, but a week later the plastic bridge pickup mounting ring disintegrated at the height adjust screw areas - this is because Loctite Thread Locker acts as a plastic solvent and destroys plastic on contact

Lesson learned.