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Started by Fabry_23, September 29, 2023, 04:54:28 PM

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Hello everyone

I came to you because I have a problem I can't really find a way to resolve

I want to know if it's possible to connect a boss gt1 to ableton live lite, the other day I found that you can use your gt1 as a interface and record on DAW's, also that connecting your gt1 to your interface is bad or really not necessary because it works like a interface itself

 I saw a video on YouTube of a guy connecting his gt1 to his computer to record guitar on cubase, and it seemed rather easy, but I just won't work on mine: I have the cable usb, and already checked that my laptop recognizes the gt1, I already installed the boss studio and gt1 driver, but when I try use it on ableton it's won't appear the name GT1, it only appears ASIO(for my focusrite interface) or MME/DirectX even tho my laptop already told me that its connected properly.

Anyway I just want to know if it's possible and if I'm not doing anything wrong or missing any steps here

Thanks for your time and the help


Disconnect any other ASIO AUDIO interface

On Windows you can only use one ASIO AUDIO interface , your focusrite is clobbering Ableton from seeing the GT-1 ASIO driver. If on Win10/ Win11 - you must remove the USB cable from your Focusrite interface, prior to attempting to install Boss GT-1 USB Driver which contains the GT-1 ASIO USB DRIVER