SY-1000 on a Templeboard Trio

Started by ovrdrvn, September 29, 2023, 08:01:33 AM

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Hi friends. I have a challenge: bought a Templeboard Trio to mount a number of things and most notably (due to size/weight) the SY-1000. I didn't know what I was dealign with and the dearly must not have had the unit in hand when I said I was putting it on this board. The small screws on the back prevent the SY0-1000 from directly contacting the board so the plates won't work (best I can tell). If I'm wrong and/or you have advice, please help as this is saddening me and I'm hoping there is some solution to get around this or make it work. Thanks in advance.


I have an SY-1000 and a Pedaltrain board. I use velcro- and you might not want to do that - and it works for me. You could drill holes in the deck of the pedalboard to match where the screws go.
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