Good morning, afternoon, evening and goodnight...

Started by Verne, September 28, 2023, 08:57:25 AM

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...depending on the time of day you see this  ;D .

Thanks for letting me into your community. I got my first case of GAS over the then new Silvertone Amp-In-Case (for $99) in the '64 Sears catalog, so I've apparently had a pre-disposition for "all in one" solutions from the start. To that end I picked up my first MIDI guitar rig (Godin Multiac & GR-33) in 2002; it's a lovely setup I use for recording and live performance to this day.

I heard about VGuitars over on the Gear Page; there is a lot of misinformation about MIDI stuff over there so I decided to check out this forum since it is referenced as the source. I'm happy to report that after poking around here there is a more balanced view with voices both pro and con (about gear) being aired without animus so I decided to register and see what I can learn.



Factual information about guitar gear and user experience is  our goal