Strange behaviour when hot-pluging the 13-pin cable

Started by MIDI Guitarist, September 27, 2023, 10:27:44 AM

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MIDI Guitarist

I am using the GM-800 with the GKC AD as I have four RMC equipped acoustic midi guitars and an electric with a GK3. Whenever I change the 13-pin cable from one guitar to another, the sensitivity in the GK patch on the GM changes in an absurd manner where  some strings get too loud and others too soft.
Does anyone have an idea how to fix this, as for live situations this just won't be acceptable.


Create up to 10 separate GK configurations specific to the currently connected guitar, and change to the appropriate stored GK configuration for that guitar

MIDI Guitarist

Thanks for the hint, but the first thing I did when I got the the GM was to adjust the  sensitivity profile for each of my guitars. So that's not my issue but changing the guitar  without having to switch off the GKC AD each time to prevent the GM from going crazy is.


I always power down when changing 13 pin guitars, there is high risk of mis-orienting the 13 pin plug connector and frying the electronics

Just power down the GKC-AD when changing guitars, and change to appropriate GK model on GM-800 for current guitar prior to performance


There are a variety of products that allow switching available, one example:

This would provide a crisper live experience, I think.

If the same cable is providing different response after unplugging/plugging, my first suspicion is always that the cable needs cleaning or replacing.  These GK cables require maintenance.  They're a pain. 

MIDI Guitarist

Thanks a lot for the quick replies and tips!
Then I will always power the GKC AD down before switching guitars for the time being.
However I'll definitely check out the primovasound stuff - I hadn't heard of them before.


IMHO hot-plugging a 13-pin cable is never a good idea... ;)

It's worth noting that the Ground circuit in Roland 13-pin systems is carried by the outer shell of the jackplug, and the connection for that in the standard Roland plastic jack is probably the least stable of all the connections within it because of its design and likelihood of accumulating dirt and oxidation through use.

If the Ground connection (with its position within many of the other circuits within the system) effectively becomes a minutely on-and-off again connection during the process of (hot) withdrawing and / or inserting it in the Roland jack, that can have the unwanted effect of sending false signals down the 13-pin cable to whatever is connected to the other end.     ...just saying...

As suggested, Primova products are well thought out and well built, and often a great answer.

Read slower!!!   ....I'm typing as fast as I can...

MIDI Guitarist

My bad - so I swear to never hot-plug again ;-).
My live connection problem sadly persists as the Primova boxes all seem to spread several GK connections to several synth etc. from one guitar whereas I want a box that I can plug several GK guitars into which then leads a single GK out to the GKC-DA in order to avoid hot-plugging.
Does anything like that exist?



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