GM-800 Program change weirdness

Started by bobruz, September 25, 2023, 08:32:45 AM

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Quote from: admin_shawnb on September 25, 2023, 04:34:18 PMYes, the MIDI spec itself doesn't allow values over 127.  It's PC 0-127 for patches 1-128.

I just confirmed you can address patches above 128 by sending a bank select of 1 (using standard bank select CCs 0 & 32), followed by the patch # minus 128. 

So, to get to patch #140, select bank 1 & send PC 12.
Patch 140= Santur 2,  MSB 71,  LSB 92,  PC 12

Complete list here


Note the first half of this topic was about scene changes.  For scene changes, bank 1 & PC 12 properly selects patch 140 as described above.

The second half is about changing tones for a part within a scene.  That's where the weird msb/lsb values are, where you need to consult Boss's tone list to find the msb/lsb.

Scene msb/lsbs as well as tone msbs/lsbs are all doc'd in the Boss tone list.