Hello from Spain!

Started by 802.11Guitar, September 24, 2023, 08:11:47 AM

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Hello everyone!

I´m new to the forum, but I´ve been a long time user of Boss products..... never VG system though ;)

I got my GT-5 back in 1997-1998, using the 4 cable method always. Then, since 2012 due work and travel, I´ve been using a Zoom G3 (excellet for the price!!!), and now, about 2 weeks and a half ago I got my GX-100 and .... wow, AIRD is definitelly not the same as COSM. I´m just a bedroom player nowadays (and not very skilled TBH) so the reference of a real valve amp is not in my head as it used to be, but, wow, when I received this unit, the first day I was able to play for a whole hour, and I just used the first patch.... it was THAT good, that I needed nothing else. In my head was like playing through valves again.

Well guys I´ll read you on the forums, hoping to be helpful if possible.


Brent Flash

Welcome to the group 802.11Guitar!  :)


Welcome from Spain  ;)