Hi, All of me on GR55 instrumental loop

Started by abbaby, September 23, 2023, 05:30:27 AM

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Hi this is current busking sound.  I didn't have the GK synth when busked before covid so I wonder if people will think my mediocre guitar playing is over a backing track, but I make all with the GR55 step by step - click track - bass - keys pads, guitar.     I have my gear all on 9 vdc. Can run 1.5 hours off a usb charger with adaptor 5 volt usb-c to 9 dc.



👍👍👍.  I think that was great. I've been soley a busker for six years now.

I create the majority of my back tracks too. I say majority because I create from scratch, download interesting tracks from YouTube and create things in Band In A Box.

Thank you sharing!
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