Did Line 6 drop the Variax?

Started by TechFixer, September 14, 2023, 04:10:06 AM

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I've been looking to buy a doner Variax and went to the usual sites (G.C, Reverb, Craigslist, Marketplace) and all the prices were crazy high. So I jumped over to Line 6. Last week they had Variax standards (Cert. Referb) for like $850. Free shipping. Now the ONLY guitars they list for sale are the Shuriken. So it looks like they're just selling off what's left in stock.

Some-a-na-bitch, Fargin Ice-holes!!

Hi, I'm TechFixer.... I'm a gear-A-Holic and I have a problem. (Hi TechFixer!!) Pretty much every Roland guitar synth from the GR-50 to the VG-99. Roland VGA amps too. Lefty Line 6 500 Variax (converted to strung righty) FrankenPeavey ATG and Fishman TP


Yes they have been dropped. I do not anticipate a replacement. I think the biggest issue with many guitar players is they want to play the guitar they're used to so it would need to be something you could drop into the guitar you have. Not an issue for me. I just hope mine lasts for what's lefT of my lifetime. About 20 years. Here's the official announcement.



I have 3 PRS guitars with Ghost Pickups in them that I've replaced the standard 1/4" output with GK connects so I can send the piezo signals out with the mags and also use some of the other pins to control midi volume, program changes, etc.  I've already moved my Hexpander and Acoustiphonic into a small footswitch sized pedal so I can use it with any of my piezo equipped guitars to feed a Boss GP-10 or Roland GR-55.

I never bonded with the 89F.... neck was flat as a board and wide as an aircraft carrier flight deck!  I'm thinking of removing the guts from my JTV-89F and mounting them in a rack/box so I have that as an option instead of the Boss or Roland units if I want.  I'll probably sell the JTV-89F after replacing the LB6 Floyd with a regular Floyd that came on one of my PRS guitars (that I replaced with a LB6 I already had).  I may put the LB6 from the 89F on one of my other guitars.