Fishman triple play software 1.5.28

Started by Rolloq, August 29, 2023, 01:28:54 AM

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Features, Improvements and Bug fixes:

This version addresses a number of issues to improve stability.
Choose 'Install TriplePlay and SynthMaster' in order to get the newest libraries. Inside each library folder there are 'Additional Help.txt' files that give information about the library and how to use it. New TriplePlay Libraries are found in .../Documents/TriplePlay Libraries.
Bug fixes and improvements: 
Changes that allow patch libraries for VST3 plugins to work on both Mac and Windows. Added new patch libraries that work with the latest version of Komplete Start (a free plugin collection available from Native Instruments).
Added a new patch library that works with Numa Player (a free plugin available from Studio Logic).
Added a new patch library that works with Spitfire BBC Orchestra
Improved warnings when installing any patch library that references missing plugins.
Reverted back to waiting 10 seconds before checking for need to scan plugins, new value of 4 seconds was causing a problem where patch was still loading
Added back into the options menu (for main window) "Rescan all Plugins"; recently added "Scan for new Plugins" remains as well.
Now when you choose to skip a scan, it no longer ask every time you run the software
Added confirmation dialogs, with helpful text, before any scanning for plugins begins

Release: 1.5.28
Windows 64-bit and above compatibility
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and above compatibility