GM-800 Early thoughts and questions

Started by Best_Peasant, August 28, 2023, 04:22:03 AM

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Just wanted to say thanks to all the long term members here, got some nice tips...that I wish I knew about before my GR1 finally stopped powering on. Anyway...
Spent the last few days really playing with this piece of Kit, I am a bedroom player and just record bits and bobs if it sounds cool.
My setup is a basic Strat copy guitar > GK5 pickup > GK-15 Cable > GM800 > Katana Mk1 2x12 on clean channel with no effects. Boss Tone Studio also configured and connected.
Subscribed to Roland Cloud and downloaded a few of the packs and added to the synth empty user slots,

Once I got the pickup height sorted as suggested it ironed out a lot of the misfires and strange noises - Is there an option to only trigger on pluck/strum rather than finger placement triggering the sound? If not, I will just have to get better :)

I like the alternate Tunings - I've been using BTS to make Scene & Tone Part changes, but If for example I have a Part with a DGCGCD tuning - I then go and enable the Alt Tune for that instrument part, say Part 1 - are other instruments in Parts 2 and 3 not allowed to be alt tuned? Seems in BTS I can pick only 1 of 4 part or None.?

Maybe I am missing the setting out of excitement of having new gear, but can I disable the guitar sound and just have the Synth sound?

Oh and another thing which I thought was excellent, was when I was connected to my laptop I was able to use Midi Guitar 2 and Guitar Rig with virtually no latency, when I used this with my Behringer USB audio it was a trade off between quality and latency. I was getting sleepy last night with Reaper and the Zenology plugins so I will test out the export/import there this week.

I am just scratching the surface, but what a great piece of kit.