"Live On The Fly Looping Master" Walks You Through As He Constructs Another Gem

Started by plexified, August 28, 2023, 02:16:21 AM

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Matt Bolton tours the country and performs over 300 days and nights a year. So far he has racked up thousands of hours on the BOSS RC-600. Pay very close attention to this first breakdown of his lightning fast construction of another hit song real time with perfect production. . .

As you can see he has his Loop station on his left and his pedalboard on his right. He is dropping each instrument on its own stereo track and has his board set up to his style. You need to determine your own architecture and place the tools where you need them. You can also set up midi control at table top level to be assigned to do things also. His V drum pad for example is his midi clock that synchs up to his time based effects for other instruments AND vocals, hence the perfect production song to song. You can also employ a midi controller like Arturia with rotary and pad assignable controls to trigger or scroll through on the fly requests for example.

Here is a an example of one of Matts shows, no two are ever the same . . . Pay attention to the live on the fly production, every little detail can be seen, even the control of the Leslie on his organ parts, its stunning ! Enjoy and check out his youtube, he records his live streams and you can see the vast array of locations around the country he performs at as well.