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Started by Argos, August 26, 2023, 07:57:03 AM

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Hi everyone, new to the forum. Just got my GT 1000 last week and loving it! Having some issues with Tone Studio All my questions pertain to Tone Studio only. I want to avoid using the GT1000 whenever possible.

1. Saving changes to patches.
I think I'm following the instructions correctly. All it does is save the original preset. I lose all my changes. I create a liveset. Export a new file to PC. I then imported the file back to the same liveset. Not only were the changes lost, but it created a new liveset with the exact same name. If I do it 3 times, I will have 3 exact livesets.

So then I tried sliding it over to the GT1000. Same thing. Moves into the bank but changes lost.

I finally made the changes on the GT and hit write and saved it to a bank. That worked. Seems a bit clunky that way. I can't save changes to my PC or even liveset without writing it on the GT first. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong.

2. Does Tone Studio save your livesets or do they need to be saved to a file? Seems like it does and of course I would always back up.

3. Is there a way to control volume (other than gain) on individual presets? The volume is so drastically different from patch to patch.  I want to get around the same volume for all banks.

4. How do I save an amp or effect setting? I believe I use stomp box. I can't see how to rename it and I don't want to write over anything on the list. Also how do I import it back into a specific patch?


3. The overall patch level can be set under Master -> Patch LV.  You could also use the level in any of the effect units, it would be a useful idea to set the effect level for each effect unit when you create the patch so that the patch level doesn't change if you turn the effect off, or so that it is set to some level that you use universally.

4. When you save the patch, it should save the amp or effect settings, but you can save the settings as a stomp box.   If you select an effect unit, long press, so that you can see the controls, at the top right of the screen, below the WRITE drop-down, there is a STOMPBOX drop-down.  Under there there is WRITE TO STOMPBOX and you can set the name there.  There are 10 slots, if you look under STOMPBOX -> SELECT it will show you a list of stompboxes, some will say INIT, those don't have anything written to them.

ALSO under the STOMPBOX drop-down is COPY TO PATCH.


Is there a way to do this via Tone Studio?


Quote from: Argos on August 26, 2023, 04:26:35 PMIs there a way to do this via Tone Studio?

3.  PATCH LV is under MST, which should be near the end of the chain.  You long press it.
4.  The answer I wrote is specific to Tone Studio.

If you're using the app on a computer and not an iPad, you don't need to long press the effect unit to bring up the controls, just clicking on it will bring up the controls [just click on MST to see the PATCH LV], and the drop-down boxes, like STOMPBOX, will be on the right side of the screen below the patch layout.