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Started by Witelite, August 21, 2023, 03:21:52 PM

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Does anyone know if the system backup is a complete backup of all in the GM800? So If I load say 2 expansion packs and then restore it on another unit will it include my scenes, settings and expansions?




That is an interesting question on whether Expansion packs are actually included in a backup.

My thoughts are no,
 I think a backup will only do GM-800 settings for patch/scenes and system/global settings.
Maybe a question for Roland/Boss customer support.

I would assume that if you loaded the expansion packs via USB memory, then that memory stick is your expansion pack backup.
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That's what I would think. I guess file size would be a giveaway if I knew what the base file size was


Well each of the EXZ expansions is over 100MB and the backup file is 860K. So it is not a compete backup for sure.(Roland has confirmed this to me as well)

I have asked them if each expansion pack loads to a specific tone number? If not, any presets created with the expansion pack would be inaccurate on a separate device. I'll let you know.....


UPDATE ... Here is Roland's response...

The expansions do not need to be in a specific slot for them to be accessed correctly by any tones or setups you may have. This has been a pleasant surprise in our earlier Zen-Core models (mostly keyboards), since the older expansion cards (which were physical cards that were plugged into an instrument) were dependent on the slot they were connected to.
Roland Customer Support

I've asked again as The GM 800 has ASSIGNS which enable you to change part numbers which seem to be done by number. How would that work if the number to the tone changed?

Keep you posted