Avice on going ampless

Started by Cian, August 13, 2023, 02:57:32 AM

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Getting a bit tired of lugging a mid sized pedalboard and amp to venues for gigs, so I thought I'd try going ampless for live situations and just use the PA. I've had a look at some multieffects/ preamps/ all in ones and they look like they can get the job done. Has anyone else made the swtich? I've been looking at some mid-range models like the Hotone Ampero, Boss GX100 etc - basically a single unit that does it all and is not enormous


Most modern modelers will do it for you, comes down to personal choice.
You will need something like a powered monitor/speaker for:

A: setting up your sounds, you want to audition the tone and levels at a gig like volume to get the different tones balanced when you switch between them.

B: might be required as a stage monitor if none is available at the venue.

C: A D.I box is handy to have on hand if it is required for a venue to interface between your modeler and the P.A.

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