Boss GT100 with Bluetooth ?

Started by Ryanafara, August 03, 2023, 12:01:42 PM

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Hello, I have the Boss GT100 I also have the CME WIDI JACK ( its a Bluetooth adapter  ) and an android tablet. Can anyone tell if I could run and Control the GT100 on stage VIA Bluetooth  and Boss Tone software? Is it possible to download the Boss tone software app on android and pair it with the GT100 ? Pleased let me know. Because I have all the things I need. Thanks


Hi Ryanafara,

unfortunately there is no GT100 Tonestudio for Android. The GT100 Tonestudio for a Windows based PC also does not connect to the GT100 via MIDI, but via a USB connection. That's why you can't use your CME adapter for this. The only thing that may work with it, is that you can use it to switch between sounds on the GT100 with a Bluetooth enabled PC, or Android- or IOS-device.