RACKVAX GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module

Started by starrats, July 31, 2023, 01:21:05 AM

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The best sonic solution for JTVs' Line6 James Tyler Variax nowadays would be to resign from piezo pickups and move on to some more modern rocket science tech - I mean the Cycfi Nu Multi 6 Standard (190$) https://www.cycfi.com/product/nu-multi-6/ - the linear response neodymium magnet active pickup with it's Internal Breakout (included in the Standard variant) GK-pin output for connecting the RackVax Roland 13-pin Conversion Adapter Module (300$) https://rackvax.company.site/GK-13-pin-to-Variax-Adapter-Module-p3958715?fbclid=IwAR0XAfGCeqG1P-yVeyUdw3yAKd0QHz8n23j0h7qZVKGjOfzsH_ETOIcFY6I . We need to omit the JTV's bridge plate PCB and plug the output from Internal Breakout into the Cycfi Nexus Basic module ($169.99) https://www.cycfi.com/product/nexus-gk-basic-set/ using Cycfi's 19-Pin Output Jack ($34.99). The connection between the guitar and the rest of our system modules is possible thanks to Cycfi's Multichannel Cable ($84.99). The next step of our chain is to connect from Cycfi's Nexus Basic module GK 13-pin output to the RackVax Adapter Module's 13-pin input. The last step of the whole workout is the connection of the Adapter-bridge link 8-pin jumper cable (included in the RackVax kit) plugged into the main JTV PCB. Powering of the Cycfi Nu Multi 6 Standard (190$) - the linear response neodymium magnet active pickup is being made by the included in the Cycfi Nexus-GK Basic Set https://www.cycfi.com/product/nexus-gk-basic-set/9 12V Power Supply ($9.99).