Hank Marvin SY 1000

Started by joo1, July 14, 2023, 12:03:20 AM

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I recently got the SY 1000 and I am delighted with its capabilities.
I would like to get a little closer to the sound of Hank Marvin from The Schadows, for example:

I mean the excellent reverb that is in the solo.
I am uploading some presets, maybe someone will refine these settings.


awesome, I thought he always used a Benson echorec


Good article, thanks...
Later, Hank Marvin got a new reverb with great sound (e.g.: Alone )
I realize I'm not up to par with this, but while listening to this solo, I came up with:
By controlling various parameters with "All string" and "Assign" I can get a soft attack and a longer reverb tail (examples are in the presets).
Maybe someone has an idea how to get such a reverb.