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Started by mchad, July 06, 2023, 01:47:32 AM

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Matteo Barducci

The old models had also patches for acoustic and bass, if I remember well...

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Boss ME-90 Not expected to ship to USA dealers until Sept 18, 2023  - so wont be using this summer.

Tone Jones

Are there any solutions out there that would allow the ME90 to send MIDI PCs?

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I still mess with my ME-80 as my main bedroom "amp"/scratchpad - with headphones, or into my computer for a quick recording. I love it, and have never had an issue.

So far, I haven't been able to find a direct comparison between the ME-80 and 90...for $300, I'm inclined to upgrade, but I would like to know exactly what is better (besides the sound engine - the ME-80 is plenty good enough for my uses).

Maybe I just need to wait and see...


Quote from: Tone Jones on July 16, 2023, 10:59:30 PMAre there any solutions out there that would allow the ME90 to send MIDI PCs?

I guess at this stage, no one knows.
 There is no midi out hardware, and if the ME-90 sends/receives PC over USB, then maybe a USB to midi port device might work,
 but I would find it unlikely that it would send/receive program change over USB.
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ME-90 is fully compatible with all recent Boss wireless pedals ( after adding the Boss BT Dual adapter )    i bet there can be a MIDI out solution via an IOS/  Android MIDI Controller app that supports BLE





Quote from: Tone Jones on July 16, 2023, 10:59:30 PMAre there any solutions out there that would allow the ME90 to send MIDI PCs?
Yes.  I tested a "Doremidi UMH-21 Midi Host box with mine, and was able to successfully send PC messages to my old Pod with DIN ports.  You have no control over the message content except for midi channel.  The PC value appears to be hardcoded to each preset switch.


Can the boss Me-90 with the Dual midi/audio adapter receive and act on Program change and control change messages contained in a song midi file that is run from an ios device such as an iPad? Or can patches be selected or parameters be altered just with the Boss Tone Studio?

I have not seen and links or posts anywhere that discuss how to create a program change message that will select one of the possible 72 patches. I also haven't seen any posts or links that discuss how to create a control change message that will adjust the value of an effect parameter or turn a effect contained in a patch on or off.

If effect changes can't be automated via a midi file that is running the backing tracks of a song then this will make using the Me-90 on stage a lot more clunkier than it should be.


ME-90 works with the official Boss Tone Studio mobile app ( IOS/ANDROID) or the official Boss EV-1-WL Wireless Expression pedal. Or FS-1-WL Wireless Footswitch

On android, I just TESTED Boss ME-90 using an app called MIDI CONNECTOR - (RTP, USB, BLE)

And ME-90 with the Boss DUAL BLUETOOTH ADAPTER. Does display an active Wireless MIDI Connection , transmits MIDI CC#11(0-127) when moving expression pedal , or transmits MIDI Program Change when selectiing bottom row of footswitches. The ME-90 CTL PEDAL transmits a toggle on MIDI CC#80 (0=off, 127= On)

ME-90 with DUAL BLUETOOTH adapter should be able to recieve MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE Commands, toggle the CTL Pedal (MIDI CC#80), adjust Expression Pedal (MIDI CC#11) wirelessly using BLE MIDI  from an iPad wirelessly