Roland FC-300 SYSEX Clone - Ableton Live/Max4Live device

Started by Vaultnaemsae, July 05, 2023, 09:46:07 AM

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Hey all,

I've made a really simple control-change-to-SYSEX MIDI translator Max4Live device to help control a VG-99/VB-99 in FC-300 mode via a regular MIDI controller. I'm sharing it here in the hope that some of you may find it useful.

This is work in progress -- only expression pedals 1/2 and their respective expression switches are included for now. I have plans to add more parts later and clean up some of the behavior.

It's the first functional Max patch I've made since 1995...  :P  Any feedback or suggestions welcome!

Enjoy, Luke  8)

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Thanks for sharing your Max4Live device for controlling the VG-99/VB-99 with the community. It's a helpful tool, especially for those using regular MIDI controllers. Even though it's a work in progress, including expression pedals 1/2 and their switches is a great start. Your dedication to updating and refining it is commendable, especially after such a long break from Max. Keep up the good work!