Gt1000core create banks like Gt1000?

Started by AkimboVermon, July 03, 2023, 07:22:52 AM

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I have a gt1000core and have seen that on the gt1000 (bigger brother) you can have banks with the presets inside the bank. Is this possible in the gt1000 core? Will I need a midi pedal like the Morningstar?

Starting to think I may need the GT1000. I've tried using the assigns to change the amps around but it gets complex changing settings over.

I like the fact that you can have multiple presets in one bank and switch seamlessly. This is what I'm hoping to do on the gt1000core.



I think I understand what you're asking!

I think it would be easier to use a switcher, maybe something as simple as a MIDI Mongoose or the old FC-50 or GFC-50?


There aren't a lot of buttons on the GT1000Core, so switching between presets is limited.

You can add up to 2 x 2-button pedals like an FS-6 or an FS-7, that would give you more buttons to work with.  You would need to set the buttons to MIDI PC and set them up the same for each preset in the "bank" if you wanted to use them like a switcher.

When you switch to Manual from Memory (2nd & 3rd button pressed together) you can have the up/down buttons do something else, they could also switch to different presets.

I'm planning to use my ES-5 to switch patches.