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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Looks like gumbo set them straight. :)

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I would suggest that anyone who is vaguely interested in these concepts, join "".

From there your exploration will be a lot easier and more complete.

There are other options aside from using the original Roland GK pickup that will allow you to access both 'hard' and 'soft' synths, and ways of "breaking-out" separate string signals for individual processing as well.

At least one company ( manufactures individual string pickups that can possibly be adapted to the multi-string setups of steels, but it should be noted that all current (and past) Roland guitar-synth units are only capable of receiving and processing a maximum of six string signals; they also need a multicore cable with a 13-pin DIN jackplug to connect the output of the guitar to the synth unit, and that is AFTER the signal from the pickup passes through an on-board pre-amp board mounted somewhere on or in the instrument.

For any effects that also use a volume pedal in their creation, that pedal would have to be located between the eventual synth unit and the amplifier, or assign the inbuilt pedal of the synth-unit itself (incorporated in the Roland GR33, GR-55 or GP-10) to the 'volume' parameter.

The placement of a 'synth' pickup (of any sort) within the instrument is an important aspect of the design, particularly with regard to the eventual performance of the system in 'tracking' and 'cross-talk' (between individual string signals).

As has been mentioned, the Roland SY-300 is designed to accept a 'summed' signal through a normal 1/4" jackplug, but loses out in adaptability because it depends upon de-coding that signal to perform its results. Hitting it with more than six or seven strings will possibly make life even harder in that regard.

Playing 'technique' on a six-string electric guitar DOES have a lot to do with the success-or-otherwise of the effects that are ultimately produced, and the earlier Roland synths (GR-30 & GR-33 for example) are actually more 'forgiving' and produce better tracking results than the more recent models (GR-55 & GP-10).

Without a detailed R&D study first, it is certainly possible to spend a reasonable sum of $$$ without getting the desired result..

Much valuable information is to be gleaned from the vguitarsforum and it is basically 'required reading' for anyone contemplating entering the Guitar-Synth arena, BEFORE getting the credit card out.

I am not associated with Roland Corporation in any way, but am a member of the vguitarforums (aka 'gumbo') and manufacture after-market components related to guitar-synth installations under the Synth-Linx name.

HTH someone in some way..Wink


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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Through to modded within to within an inch of not being a Strat! As Swampash said, I usually start with a partscaster for the modded guitars

Fender 2 point System 1 tremolo, Roland midi, Langcaster low impedance pickups with on board overdrive, relocated 5 way switch, Master Volume and Tone controls, locking tuners, graphite nut as well as a few more obvious one ;)

I’ve done lots and lots of wiring mods over the years eg passing switches, greasebucket, etc and decided I can live without most of them. Tuners only get replaced if they need it (usually by staggered locking tuners). Pickguards and tremolo arms get modded if needed. Frets get medium jumbo wire only if they need replacing. Typically I like the following mods:

Nut get replaced if they need it, usually by bone but I’ve tried various Tusq, Graphtec, Earvana, roller, etc. Bone works fine for me.

Pickups only get replaced if they need it. I’ve tried dozens of brands and hundreds of pups over the years and I’ve come to realize that the single biggest thing is to get the pick up set up to the ‘right’ height for that guitar. I’ve also tried locating the pups differently eg like Mosrites or at different nodes. If only I could get the money back that I have spent over the years trying different pups I’d have more guitars (or something!)… :(

I like to add a toggle for the 7 way mod, and to add the bridge pup to the bottom tone control (sometimes with or without the middle pup as well).

I often use the TBX for tone controls. I’ve tried the S1 setup and have gone away from using it. I like blender pots with some pups.

Tremolos get swapped out but unless I am using the guitar for big wang bar stuff most 6 screw or 2 post trems work fine for me. I’ve tried brass, Calaham, titanium, etc blocks over the years – not every guitars benefits from the swap IME. If only I could get the money back that I have spent over the years trying different tremolos, etc … :(

I’ve always felt the 5 way switch is in the wrong place and at the wrong angle, so sometimes it gets relocated or the “Jeff Beck” 3 toggle switch mod gets used with various switching mods ala Brian May but with the Strat parallel options. I’ve tried the pots in various locations, but Leo got it pretty right IMO

I often add a treble bleed capacitor/resistor to the volume pot.

If there is a humbucker I will usually split or tap it if I can.
The beautiful thing about the Stratocaster is that there is so much you can do without killing the character of the original guitar
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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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My Frankenstrat I built in 1998 - Warmoth Neck, Fender body, Sustainiac Stealth Plus, internal GK Kit, LR Baggs Piezo Bridge 

Got Robin Trowers autograph  - just because I found myself at a location where I could meet him and he was signing  this was my only guitar available
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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Hi Everyone,

New user to the forums here. I just recently purchased a VG-8EX on Reverb and got my GK-3 pickup installed and wanted to share photos of my VGuitar. This is a Yamaha Pacifica 311ms (one of the Mike Stern models). This guitar originally came from eBay stripped of its original hardware. VZ Custom Guitars did the following before the GK-3 install: Added locking tuners, pickups, bridge and wiring. It is set up to coil tap both the bridge and neck humbucker pickups. Pulling up the volume knob converts the neck humbucker into a single coil and pulling up the tone knob converts the rail humbucker into a single coil.

I had another guitar tech install the GK-3 for me and so far so good! I thought I would share since I have read that the Tele-style installs can be kind of challenging in terms of installation. The bridge saddle had to be adjusted and a shim put in place under the neck to get the action back to where it was before adjustments.

I have only gotten as far as "making the driver settings" for my rig and adjusting the pickup sensitivity and seems to be working well though some patches seem to respond differently sensitivity-wise? The VG-8EX came with a storage card and patches from previous user so perhaps some previous adjustments need to be undone / reset. Still learning here so I will post more as I go along.

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Re: Post Your GK / VGuitar Pic Here!
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Bo Didley in 2005 with GK PU Guitar