LED change color via ableton / daw / CC's question ??

Started by fuzzfactory, June 27, 2023, 11:05:22 PM

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hey all...
i know lots of you have had a few more years than me working with the sy
so i got a question ....

in the past i used my softstep to control loopers in ableton and had a m4l plugin i cobbled together to mimic the looper and interact with the softstep
so for footstep one if there was nothing recorded footstep one blinked green, if i was recording it turned solid red, if i was playing the looper it was solid green, if i was overdubbing the looper would turn orange ....

so i am wondering does anyone (gumtown / guru ?) know if something like this is even possible
i plan on having my 8 foot switches be system wide set ....

because that would AMAZING !

i did look through the SY-1000_MIDI_Implementation.pdf and noticed it does allow for color change something or other but it is a bit above my head