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Started by metalion, June 10, 2023, 04:04:03 PM

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I am trying to understand how to get my gr-55 to even make a sound out of reaper. Ive tried a lot of settings in reaper, but there's a disconnect as I'm not hearing any sounds come out. my audio interface has mid inputs Ive tried through that, Ive also tried directly into USB into the PC, but neither gives me any sound from reaper. I'm not very knowledgeable in midi things and I don't know what to do. any help appreciated. THX


Well I finally got it to work if I use a vst instrument, Im assuming it won't use the gr-55 sounds then?


The GR-55 will not play internal sounds by midi input, only triggered by the GK guitar.
The GR-55 will output midi note data for each string, which you use a VST midi instrument or tone source/sample from your D.A.W. software environment.
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The GR-55 is not a sound module. It will only note information through Midi the internal sounds are an audio output. If you want to use VST instruments the FTP is the best option. I also use an old Roland GI 20 for midi guitar stuff it works much better than a GR-55 for triggering VST's. Jam Origin also has really good software for Audio to midi conversion.
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To get your GR-55 sounds in Reaper, connect a 1/4" instrument cable from the L/Mono Output on your GR-55 to one of the audio inputs of your Focusrite.  In Reaper, add a track, set the input to whichever input you plugged the instrument cable into on your Focusrite.  Arm the track for recording, and you should get sound from your GR-55 in your monitors/headphones.  Just make sure you set the output level on your GR-55 low when you first connect it up, and then raise it as necessary.  This will avoid clipping in Reaper.


I use GR-55 as Audio interface , with USB cable and Roland GR-55 ASIO driver and connect powered speakers to GR-55 Output or headphones.

Must Enable Guitar to MIDI on GR-55 first, then can trigger VST  instruments -which along with all Reaper SAW tracks , emerge from GR-55 Audio Output or Headphone output in Stereo