Refretting Aftermath - in search of suggestions

Started by pasha811, May 27, 2023, 07:16:34 AM

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Just got my guitar back from the luthier. Excellent work. Fender 6150 Frets as original as this Strat Plus had 34 years ago. She did a great job on the frets, smooth as butter. Now playing the guitar it's a breeze. I am very happy. She also fixed the Tremolo and the Trem-Setter ( as well as pickups mounting tubing that went dry over all those years.
However due to possible misunderstanding I think she measured the GK2A (12" Radius on a 9.5" Radius Fretboard) 1 mm clearance not from the highest fret so the distance on the E and B (assimetric Action) when pressing the 22nd Fret is less than 1 mm. I have tested the GK2A with VG99 and response is now augmented so that I had to reduce the GK sensitivity from 40 to 20 but it is still too sensitive sometimes. So in your experience what it's best to do?

  • Reduce Sensitivity in the 10 range
  • Emboss the Pickup cutting the pickguard
  • Raise the Action

About the action I see that it is asymmetric (closer for highest strings) while Fender recommends both E to be 4/64 (1.6 mm).
So where's the truth?

Thanks a lot
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Slightly lower the GK-2A

Owing to the radius differences fretting all strings at 22nd fret will yield some strings being larger than 1mm distance - but none should be less than 1mm distance top of Pickup to bottom of strings -AFTER fretting all strings at 22nd fret


Thanks Steve!

Embossing not my best ability but I have to do it. Lowering sensibility helped but not that much.
I'll play sometime with new lowered sensibility all patches carefully then if not optimal I will move the pickup to another guitar or attempt embossing. In a way the instrument value has just been lowered by refretting (as not original) and by replacing the tubing with springs so embossing the original pickguard will spare me the hassle of transferring the electronics on a cheapo Parts Planet one given that the original pickguard now sports two screws to keep the GK2A in place.
When you say slightly lower the GK2A you mean peeling off the plastic layer by layer 'embossing' it with a Dremel Routing tool or as I did on another guitar cut the plastic and place the GK2A on wood directly with screws (with some Roland spacer underneath to fill the gaps)?

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I'd raise the action

At the bridge it's not a lot you need to get the right distance to the GK
and at 12 fret even less.

(There's also more to gain by a higher action if you can tolerate it.)
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Ok I'll evaluate the options and see what's best for my capabilities.
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