Help matching reality to the diagram?

Started by Chrismiami, April 30, 2023, 11:02:54 AM

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I bought the 1/4" female jack recommended somewhere on this site and I'm unsure exactly how its solder points match up to the diagram. I can't use my original as a model because they made it a bit of a black box.

You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.

Now the diagram looks like this:

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But it's kinda unclear what means what. Should I assume that:
1. The long straight (black) connection is what makes contact with the sleeve/shaft of the 1/4" plug?
2. The short/top connection is for the tip of the plug?
3. The unconnected terminal is the middle connection?

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The odd part is that this plug was recommended because it somehow turns off something that makes noise (memory is fuzzy) and the part that disconnects from the rest is what I'd think is the middle connection so how is it helping? Ugh.



A multimeter (ohms/continuity tester) and a spare stereo (TRS) Jack plug are helpful.
Plug in the the T-R-S jack plug into the socket and test the continuity between the two ends to obtain the correct connections.
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