Where to find the firmware version for my just bought GX-100?

Started by paulwave88, April 22, 2023, 06:18:37 AM

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Hi Everyone, I just bought the GX-100, Where to find the firmware version number? I googled, it said after turn on power, The version information appears in the lower right corner of the startup display. If this shows the latest version (Version 1.11 or later), there's no need to update your GX-100.

But my problem is after I used the device a few times, now after I turned on the power, it always came to a screen of a preset U04-1 which I played last time, there was no version info on this screen. I am expecting I can get this info from the menu button, then browse down all the sub-menus, but I can not find a place to show this info.

Thanks in advance.


I am anwsering my own question, when the system powers up, it goes to a short-stay screen, which shows the version info for a few seconds, then it automatically goes to the default preset last time used before powering down.