Katana Mk2 Artist - long press SOLO function with EQ + Delay +...... a Booster ?

Started by HF1600ie, April 18, 2023, 09:19:56 AM

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I am trying to understand if I can somehow configure my solo sound with a booster on top, just by long pressing the channel switch on GA-FC.
when I long press it, I can increase the solo volume, adjust EQ and now with version 2.1.0 adjust an extra Delay.

But what about a booster ? I can boost my signal via the EQ level, but I wonder if the booster in that channel could be ativated this way, because in some of my solo sounds I need a bit more gain for lead work. All at the reach of one long-press !

Ps- what is that "solo switch" inside the booster ?

Thanks !