The USB Noise... Anyone else have this problem?

Started by jkeith248, April 16, 2023, 07:24:32 PM

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I have had some pretty massive issues with the USB noise coming from the SY-1000. 

It first appeared, when I tried to connect my SY-1000 and Katana to the PC at the same time through USB.  Terrible noise came through the amp, and I spent literally days trying to troubleshoot it and mitigate it.  Buying new hubs, USB cables, direct to PC connection, ETC.  It did NOT matter where I connected it, to a different hub, straight to PC, etc, as soon as the two devices were connected to the PC, that noise came back. 

Only resolution I found was to through a cheap isolator I bought from Adafruit between the Katana and the USB hub.  FYI, this device will NOT work between the USB hub and SY-1000 due to it not being a "High Speed" device.

Fast forward to today.  I have a Helix and it has been giving me a HELL of a time with USB connectivity issues.  I wasn't experiencing any noise issues, but my Helix USB connection would drop constantly.  Again, another problem I have spent days trying to resolve, even sending a nasty-gram to Line 6 tech support.  Going through a final round of troubleshooting today, I remembered the problems I was having with the Katana and SY-1000 months ago.  I decided to just try unplugging the usb connection to the SY-1000 and holy smokes, the USB connectivity issues with the Helix are nearly gone.

Has anyone experienced the same with the SY-1000?  It seems crazy to me that such an expensive piece of gear has such tremendous issues with noise through the USB port.  It really has caused a lot of problems for me.


I've never had any problems with usb noise from SY but I usually don't connect more then one usb audio or midi at one time. Especially not with the SY
But the SY sometimes clogs the midipipe, it's sending momentary clts like the wavepedal , and it gets to be too much causing freezing, etc with BTS.
That could be the source of your current issue.
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I don't have noise problems with the SY-1000, but I have with several other devices. USB is famously noisy and I have several of those noise-suppressor boxes in various places with various synths. Sometimes just  moving that box around can help.


I had the same problem with USB noise and the only way to eliminate it was to put EBTECH "hum eliminator"  between the SY and my sound interface. It's quiet now...

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