BOSS RC-300 Internal FX: Quick Scroll Through ALL FX using Expression Pedal

Started by, April 12, 2023, 04:35:21 PM

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One cool "feature" I discovered accidentally that anyone using the internal effects can really benefit from. If you assign the expression pedal to "effect type", and have the minimum as transpose, and the max as distortion, you can use the expression pedal to quickly scroll through all of the effects with the pedal. The fx will be set to the values you have for that memory.

If you want to see the effect you have selected, from the home screen, you press (FX) then *( > ) *( > ) and this will bring up your current fx selection. You'll need to remember to do this after you have your settings set and will need to get back to this if you change anything. But once you are live looping, most people just leave their settings static, so I have found no problem just leaving it. If you leave it there, and now use the expression pedal, it will scroll through all of the effects and display which effect you have selected. Pretty cool if you are just learning about the different fx and want to try various things out.
*( > ) is the button to the right of the main knob

The only thing is that you can't (or I haven't figured out how) to scroll through different distortions.