FC 300 with a computer multiple midi cc

Started by Itayakian7, April 09, 2023, 04:50:01 PM

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Hello all
Please help me to figure this out once and for all 

Is there a way to set the 1/6 2/7 etc. to send on/off midi parameter like the 2 controls can?

I use the FC 300 to control Kontakt's libraries parameters with the expression pedals and I'd like to use the Fc300 to control more Midi cc and note messages or parameters in Kontakt, but Ican't figure out how to to it. Is it even possible? Does the FCB1010 Works better in those scenarios?

Thanks for your help in advance


Of course it's possible :
Put the FC300 in CC mode , program the CC number you want to the pedal number you want.

That's it.....

You can also use Patch mode if you want to send Program change and other stuff at each patch number.

( can't help you in Kontakt if your setup is OK )


Thanks fokof
I'll try it again and write if it did or didn't work out


I couldnt find a way to change midi cc while using the Control Change mode. For clarifying, I don't have any external expression pedals, only the  expression pedals which came with the FC300.
I am using Kontakt. Cubase, Windows 11. In Cc mode, the the pedals don't  react to cubse, in standard mode they work.



Check with an other app like Midi Monitor ( For PC ? ) if you receive something.

Try to assign an On/Off form one of the 12 switch/CC to anything in your DAW just to see if it works , it might steer you to the problem.

When in CC mode , the FC300 sends CC7 and CC1 by default , in all 5 presets. (Manual p22)
The CC is sent in the MIDI channel determined in Utility/system section (manual p52)

I'm on Mac , with Digital Performer , can't help in your softwares