Using CTL 1 to Toggle Between 2 MIDI PC Messages

Started by uv777bk, March 28, 2023, 06:53:29 AM

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So, I've had my GT-1000CORE for all of about 4 days. And as a former DigiTech GSP-5 user, I'm always quite impressed by these things... the the GT is definitely no exception!

I have it hooked up to a few things. At the input is: Keeley Compressor Plus > Boss OD-200 > IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal. And I have a GFI System Specular Tempus in a stereo loop.

I've been trying to use the CTL 1 to toggle between two patches on the TONEX. On I have Patch MIDI Program Change (PC) value 17 and CC of 127 to make sure the patch switch is on. I can use the CTL 1 switch (using Assign) to change to PC 18 on the TONEX. And I've been led to believe it possible to have a second Assign that triggers when CTL 1 is switched off -- I'd like to change back using PC 17. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out if that's actually possible.

Please let me know if you can help  :)


Unfortunately, as far as I know, the GT1000(core) doesn't allow you to send alternate MIDI messages when you press a CTL-button twice.


Yup... I ended up just making near-identical patches. I'm certainly eyeing the new Morningstar MC6 PRO and ML10X :D


What you may be able to do is move patch 18 to bank 1 patch 17, then you could toggle between bank 0 and bank 1.


On the full-size GT1K, you can't switch between two banks or between two patches with a single button. I don't think you can do that on the GT1KCore either. You need two buttons ... one for up and one for down....


Quote from: Hammerhands on March 30, 2023, 04:27:45 PMWhat you may be able to do is move patch 18 to bank 1 patch 17, then you could toggle between bank 0 and bank 1.

So, this does work.  You can't just have a CC#0 bank change message, you also need a PC# message.

This is how I was able to do it:

I set the target for the first assign to MIDI MIDI CC#, source CTL1, Toggle, Target MIDI CC# CC#0, MIN 2, MAX 0.

I setup a second assign with the target MIDI MIDI PC#, source CTL1, Target MIDI PC# PC#1, MSB off.

I connected the GT-1000Core to my GT-001 and the GT-001 toggled between U001 and P001.  If I change MIN 2 to MIN 1 it toggles between U001 and U101.

MIN had to be higher than MAX or it wouldn't change the first time I stepped on it (it's starting on bank 0, PC 1 and needs to change to bank 2, PC 1).

I'm not sure how the TONEX is setup, the GT-001 needs a PC# message after the CC#0 message.  I guess not all MIDI devices will need that.  In fact, I think you can tell some devices to change when they get a bank change or wait until they get a PC#.

Some MIDI devices need a CC#32 message (bank change LSB), or possibly both a CC#0 (bank change MSB) and CC#32 message.

The light for CTL1 does not turn on or off, so I set CTL1 to turn on an unused EQ.  You also could assign anything that's not in the signal path.

It stopped working at one point and I had to reboot the GT-1000Core.  I'm not sure why, I think it must have disconnected from the computer and never reconnected.

It would be powerful if your target could be the Assign on/off switch, or any of the Assign parameters.

A little more experimenting, on the GT-001 you can edit the PC Map and have Bonk 2 PC 1 bring up U002, but you have to change a setting in system so it uses the PC Map.  I can't find much on the Tonex's MIDI.