GK-3 on Kiesel Holdsworth?

Started by sine_3000, March 26, 2023, 05:51:51 PM

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I remember seeing a post somewhere about someone making custom pickup rings for the Kiesel Allan Holdsworth guitar, to aid in mounting of the GK-3's hex PU, because it's so very narrow between the bridge PU and the bridge.

With the trem model there's even less room, and it seems an impossible hurdle. And of course there's the question of where to put the rest of the GK-3's hardware on such a small guitar.

Yet, I really want it on my Kiesel Holdsworth!

Does anyone have any insight or advice to help make this happen? Thanks.


I had one on a fixed bridge HH2. You don't really need anything custom. It almost fits as is, so I just sanded down the one side of the pickup ring until it did. You might want buy an extra ring just for that, I guess, if you're worried about being able to restore it to original. Can't say for the ones with a trem.

And as you say, there's not really a great place to put the rest of the pickup. I put it on the lower bout which was not ideal but would work okay as long as I was reasonably restrained with my right hand. On the old Carvin/Kiesel forums (I think) I saw someone figure out a way to drill through it so that it would fit over the existing knobs somehow, but I was not keen to try that, and those are gone now anyway so I suppose that info is lost.

I've since taken if off that guitar, though.