GP10 as a MIDI controller in Amplitube 5

Started by avalon173, March 11, 2023, 11:26:31 AM

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I have starting using my GP10 as a midi foot controller in Amplitube 5 using Reaper. The built in expression pedal and buttons work fine but when I add an EV5 to have that second expression pedal it is not being recognized when I try to learn it in Amplitube 5. What am I missing here? Perhaps there is a setting I need to make in the GP10 pedal for it to transmit? Tone Studio definitely recognizes it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


For all possible GP-10 MIDI TRANSMISSION

Connect all external expression pedals to GP-10 first (important)

Power on GP-10
Connect GP-10 to a Mac or Windows PC, enable GP-10 Guitar to MIDI - And monitor resulting MIDI Output from all footpedals, connected  expression Pedals on  GP-10 using a MIDI MONITOR app

SNOIZE is popular on Mac

Bomes SendSX on Win
It's non documented territory

Typical process described here