Can you save different Effect Parameters to Green/Orange/Red effect in a preset?

Started by littlespaceman, March 05, 2023, 03:34:10 AM

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Hi all

I'm a latecomer to the Katana (that's a whole new conversation, but I've decided to take the plunge and get one at last)

I have a 100w Mk2 1x12 combo, and have a question about the effect parameters under each effect colour, which is can I save different parameters to the Green/Orange and Red effects in each preset?

To clarify, if I was to add a Boost to a preset, using the Tone Editor software, I would expect that I would be able to save the Boost that I assign to each colour with different settings. So for example, let's say I want to have a Natural OD assigned to the Green effect, with Gain set to 30. I now want to add a Blues Driver to the Orange effect, with Gain set to 50. I would think that I could save the preset this way, however when I add the Blues Driver to the Orange effect with Gain = 50, I go back to the Natural OD assigned to the Green effect and the Gain for that is now at 50.

It makes sense to me that the whole point of being able to assign different types of effect to each colour is to have, say, 3 different types of Boost with different settings all in one preset, but it appears that you can't actually do this - or am I missing something?

Another example would be say I want different types of Delay for each colour; Green will be Tape Echo, with the delay time set to 400ms. Under Orange I want Analog Delay, with the delay time set to 200ms. But when I change the delay time under the Orange setting in Tone Editor to 200ms, and go back to the Green setting, this has also now changed to 200ms - which all seems to defeat the point of having multiple types of boost/effect/delay etc within a preset.

Can I save a preset to have different settings for each colour?


You would think so, but no.
Booster, delay, reverb will only allow unique "type" only parameters.
MOD and FX will allow different parameters per effect type.
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Thanks for the reply. And hmmm, yes, you would think so! Maybe a software update to hope for there!


Each one of those would have to be its own Preset. Instead of the amp having eight presets, in your scheme it would now have dozens.

The Booster is an effect. Question: do you think the flanger in your patch should have different settings for each other effect in the patch? Should it be able to have resonance at 20 if the boost is engaged, and resonance at 50 if the delay is engaged? What happens to it if both boost and delay are engaged?

Seems to me that if you require that level of granularity, a different system - one that allows dozens, or hundreds, of patches - is more in line with your needs.


Each patch in the Katana has about 750 individual settings parameters, so if you want to have a completely different set of parameters for each booster type (red/green/yellow), and also for the other 4 R/G/Y buttons, then you are talking about each patch now having 750 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 = 182,250 parameters to set per patch.
Or install a comprehensive set of Assigns.

I think the concept of the Katana was to be "plug & play", so you are going to end up with some limitations.
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