GT-10 on Mac M1

Started by mtrpires, March 02, 2023, 06:34:51 PM

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thanks to this thread, I was able to put my 2008 GT-10 to good use with my m1 macbook. I thought I would have to wait for an update for macOS Ventura (13), but fortunately it's not the case. It took me a while, but I figured out why the device was not showing up in the sound configuration panel. Gotta love Roland's long term commitment to their products.

Try this if yours is not working in macOS Ventura: In the GT-10 USB system settings (the actual system settings on your Boss GT-10, not the system panel on macOS), if the driver is set to "Advanced" switch it to "Standard". You should see it as a selectable device in the sound config panel and other apps, such as Logic Pro etc.



In standard driverless mode, the 24bit audio is rendered down to 16bit,
and no "GT-10" midi device is seen on the USB port, so an external USB-Midi adapter is required for using the editor app.
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